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Glad to hear that!

You're running too fast to do short-rest repeats. The goal isn't 100% on each won't survive, as you found out. Try going more like 75% with 4 minutes rest...that means you need to know how fast you can run a 200m (time each other with a stopwatch and add .5 to account for the timer's reaction time). Now divide that by .75 and do repeats at that time. Start with low volume, add reps as it gets easier.

I use Wendler too...two days of lifting currently, deadlift one day, press the other. I don't do the squats because they make me too sore and tired to sprint effectively.

Need to know how far you are from an actual competition, particularly the competition you want to peak for, to know how you should be structuring your current training. The further away you are, the more you should be working on speed and strength. The closer you are, the more you should be working on speed-endurance.

I prefer more of a 4-week mesocycle with 1-week microcycles just because it's easier to plan at the month and week levels. You don't need to do everything every week.

How to work in your 1-arm chin is up to you. Sounds like you have a boatload of goals going on at once.

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