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Originally Posted by Jonas Lind View Post
There is a lot of chicks on internet forums though. You could just stay here and not concern yourself with that training stuff
I've met those Chicks....and I'm heading to the pool!!! Ah chat rooms....why I drink beer to kill those memory brain cells.....

Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
So a set would be done when you reach momentary failure? Rest the 30-45 and then try it again right?
Pretty much instead of me saying 3 sets of 10....I say 30 reps....stopping at 10 max to rest....when I get to a point of doing 3sets of 10...then I up the weight....other than will get hard towards the end, stopping 1-2 reps short of complete failure....and doing whatever it takes to get to the end number....

After some thought the metcon days may be a hybrid combined into the end of a lifting day...dunno yet as I plan on doing running and biking too.....may cut off more than I can chew....we shall see....
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