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Default Estimating caloric needs for weight loss

As part of my Eternal Cutting Saga (i.e. has been going on for a year-and-a-half) I am looking to actually get down to 75kg/165lbs for once. No, really!

My stats:
Weight: 174# (171# last Saturday before weekend carb-up)
Height: 5'6''
Body fat: 22-26%?
Activity: 5 days lifting, with 5 Oly lifting workouts and one Strongman. I try to do conditioning twice a week as well. My log is here.

The diet is clean and low-carb. I'm having issues with the calories. 2000 for a week resulted in too little weight loss. 1800 for a week resulted in an immediate weight drop, but now the carb-up weight is not coming off--I'm thinking going lower than 1800 is probably dumb given my level of activity, and I'm worried 1800 may be too low as from past experience I know I don't lose or even gain weight when the calories get too low. Last time I was seriously committed to losing weight I lost well on 1800, but that was a year ago and I was doing considerably less work in the weight room.

Normally I'd just keep playing with numbers until I find something that works, but I feel kind of on a time crunch right now--I need to be at 165 by April 24th or sooner.

Can anyone give me guidance on a good caloric intake to estimate? I've heard the Robb Wolf BW x 14-16 rule, but I don't know if that applies to women. 2500 calories seems awfully high to me.
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