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I'm not getting why everyone's jumping on the 5/3/1 bandwagon. I've heard a lot of people are making great progress on it, but isn't it just slow, sensible, dedicated progression? It sounds to me like the "magic" part of it is that it forces you to swallow your ego and accept that things take time, which you could do with other programs too. Similarly, the "magic" of Starting Strength is that it forces newbies to do useful lifts with consistency and a gradually increasing poundage.

I'll jump on the "be consistent" bandwagon for sure, but I've never understood the attachment that people have to specific programs.

Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Your squatting graph contains 26 data points over 3+ years. Your 1RM BS/FS/DL/P contains 24 points over the same period... You plotted 12 points where you did a 5RM squat over a 3-year period. A novice does that in 4 weeks of linear progression. You stretched a month into three years. No wonder you're not getting stronger.
Oh, wow. I had misread the first post and thought these were over a six-month period; didn't look at the graph axes closely enough either. Gant has a very valid point here. If you want to improve your squat, going heavy less than 9 times a year isn't going to work, and your graphs do prove that.

Are you the same Brian Wilson from Potomac CrossFit? Good to see you here.
And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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