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David Glass
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An old friend of mine came to train with me yesterday.

It was like reliving the old days because, back when I was a 20 y/o, we would train together in Venezuela.

We did a scaled SealFit workout, since he hasn't been training in years.

I gave my buddy the pep talk: "Don't feel bad, you WILL give up, but it's important that when you do, it's because you truly know you can't continue. Take note of where and why you give up... bla bla bla"

Then we did a 45 minute fitness assessment. See what he was capable of, what injuries he had, etc. The planned workout was being modified accordingly

Then we ended up doing the workout, which consisted of the following:

Phase 1:
- I would do CF Grace while my buddy did rowing. The object was that he would row as fast as possible to gain the greatest possible distance before I finished Grace. Then we would switch... Because he wasn't ready to do the Power Clean + Jerk, I has him do the Sumo Deadlift (No high pull) with a 54 LB KettleBell

Phase 2:

5 rounds for time of
- 15 Wall-Ball
- Me 10 Ring Dips/He 10 knee supported push-ups
- Me 30 Double-Unders/He 30 standard jump ropes

Half way through Phase 2, my buddy complained of shoulder issues (He had injured his shoulder playing tennis), so I had him switch to sit-ups

At about round 3, I looked over to my buddy and he was plugging away... So much for my pep talk... he's a trooper!

Some great results. I had done Grace in 4:02... Although I thought my previous PR in Grace was 6:47, it was actually 5:17 on January 10. So I didn't shave 2:30 as I had originally thought... just 1:15... still about 20% off, so, not terrible

I have decided that as part of training, it's pointless to do Grace at 135# if you're done that fast. From now on, I'll be swinging the 155#, and see how that goes
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