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James Bailey
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Default Friday 19.03.10

C&J 50x3, 70x3, 100x1/f,1/f/1

FS 100x3, 110x3, 112.5x3/2, 110x3x2

Bench 60x5, 85x5x3, 82.5x5/3

DL 145x5x3

Chins BW+20kg x 5x3

Back Ext. and GHD sit ups +10kg x 20 x 3

My belts arrived, tried using the velcro one for cleans, felt a bit funny but I think it is better wearing one when going heavy. FS felt more solid coming out of the hole with the belt on. Didn't like the feel on the bench so took it off. Felt much better pull on DL with it on. Conclusion, I will use it for squatting, pressing and pulling heavy, not bench though.
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