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Thanks Donald, I'll keep that in mind and resist the urge to add volume. What's an EC stack?

A) my current bodyweight (as of last night is 170) I'm 5' 7". I've calculated my bf with calipers to be 18% (30 lbs of fat and 140 lbs lbm). So, it appears I'm taking in 1.2 grams protein per lb of lean body mass.

B) I've read/posted here in the past and have always been impressed by and grateful for the information I've received. I didn't know about Lyle's forum. I guess I figured I'd go where I knew I could find quality information.

C) It seems low to me too...but when figured by lean body mass instead of total weight, it doesn't seem "too" low. I hope. (I've never done a diet like this.)

D) Yup. I read the book and I'm taking the suggested supplementation (magnesium, potassium, calcium, vitamin D, and a multi). I don't want to do any extra caffeine/ephedrine though.
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