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I'm not Donald, but caffeine/ephedrine is the EC stack. It is helpful and a good idea on a short term, aggressive, "crash" diet like RFL. I actually think it's a mistake to do the diet without it. Slowly increase the dose according to tolerance and you'd be fine.

Even by RFL standards, your daily deficit of approx. 1870 kcal seems a little high. Of course you'll get another couple hundred cals from the veggies and fish oil + tag along carbs and fats, so I guess it's not so bad. I would definitely get over to Lyle's Support Forum and skim around, read the article on his site "Is RFL Right For You?" Or whatever it's called.

This forum isn't for Lyle's products, though many of us have experience with them. To make sure you do it right, get your questions answered there. But be sure to do as much research through his articles and forum as you can before starting a thread. He can be a bit caustic at times.

I completely forgot that this thread is intended to be for suggestions while on diet. That's something we can do. Sorry.

I'd go with something like Donald noted. Either SS format with little to no progression (not gonna happen in such a severe deficit), and reduced volume by ~1/3 or..... cables and machines for similar volume. I usually hate machines, but do like cables. However, on something like RFL, you don't want to be in a deep deficit and feel like you're going to collapse with a heavy bar on your back.

Either way you go, it is necessary to stay as heavy as possible. The number 1 rule in maintaining LBM when on a diet is intensity, as in weight on the bar.
And if you don't think kettleball squat cleans are difficult, I say, step up to the med-ball
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