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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Gonna have to stretch out all of those back to full ROM.

It's fine to do after workouts.. and yes there is going to be pain stretching them out so beware that. Add in mobility work like wall slides and band dislocates.

Also, really stretch out the lats, pec major and minor.. get some tennis ball/foam roll, corner stretching, etc. with thise.

Ice afterwards.

I assume you are doing general strength work. Add in some rotator cuff strengthening as well.
Got it, thanks for the great suggestions!

Originally Posted by Robert Callahan View Post
Keep in mind the older you get the worst your recovery is. Linear progression will thus be shorter the older you get. Reducing lift frequency and moving to more advanced training programs to facilitate recovery is something to always keep in mind while working with older populations
Yes, I was quite unprepared for the shortness of linear gains in the upper body (like 3 sessions) which was exacerbated by the inability to use barbells for microloading (due to shoulder mobility). The dumbbells only go up in 2.5 lb. increments so that is 5 lbs. which made it impossible to sustain any kind of linear progress (we went from press X 5 to push press x 5 to push press x 3 and still could not sustain progress for more than 3-4 sessions). Thanks for the reminder to move to more advanced programs.
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