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Yeah, I thought there would be a bit of confusion about that. I didn't really specify so here's my breakdown of it:

I consider it a pull namely because

1. your are "pulling" your center of mass towards your hands
2. the main muscle engaged are primarily "pulling" muscles -- lats, biceps, etc. (though some chest, minimal anterior delts)

Like I said, there some that are in the grey area... back lever is one of them. Manna is definitely another -- most people see it as a pushing (and it is in the sense of the "strict center of mass away from your hands" concept).

I classify it as pulling since it works shoulder extension extensively in the movement.

Although back lever is flexion, it does not engage the anterior delts sufficiently that I would put it in the pushing category.

i guess once you go behind the back, a push is a pull and a pull is a push.
Yeah, I considered adding this (because I noticed it too)... but the article is already long enough and I don't want to confuse anyone further. :\


bridge is under the development of low back flexibility -- Coach Sommer has articles on that which I linked to.
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