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yeah i have a love-hate relationship with bodyweight progressions. it makes progress seem more real in the sense that if somebody can deadlift 50 more pounds than me, it doesn't seem like a huge deal. on the other hand if somebody can full planche and i can only tuck planche or straddle planche, then the difference seems more profound.

making real progress also seems more like a random holiday when doing bodyweight stuff. with bar work, you can be close to something and then just brute strength it out and get a new PR. with bodyweight, it's like doing elementry school math forever, and then all the sudden you can do calculus out of nowhere. it's just a painful patience game.

i think the only reason i can deal with it now is just knowing that at some point, it will happen. it was like the first static handstand or muscle up day. "oh shit, i did it! woah!"
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