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Default Stephan @ Whole Health Source

I've been reading some posts over at Whole Health Source and I'm getting a little confused. He seems to be into the paleo diet always saying to cut grains, sugar, vegetable oils, but I am very confused about his stance on carbs.
On one hand he has a bunch of posts showing studies that would promote a low carb diet, one in particular shows low carbers have less inflammation, better fasting blood sugar levels and blood lipids.
But where I get confused is he has a post on GI Index and cites some studies that show high carb is better for weight loss and health Specifically the #7 study shows high carb hi GI did best and low carb high fat did terrible.
Then I find some posts where he suggests high carb diet are not bad. Most of them are on the Kitavans and how they eat 69% carb diets and are in good health.
What is the take away message? Eat paleo foods but you're macro ratios don't really matter?
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