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Nice article, Steve. I really liked the fact it summed up a lot of things. Ho-hum, I am tired. Blame the tri-tip.

The Convict Conditioning looks interesting as it popped up on GymnasticBodies. That and the Dinosaur conditioning are more involved works besides GB as to BW conditioning. More so than Pavel's elementary stuff (the opposite arm/leg pushup and pistol).

Steve, thoughts on straddle-L work? Currently I focus on straddle-L work instead of the basic manna progressions because my straddle-L sucks so much that I never thought I could get much out of the beginning manna progressions using straddle-L. Do you think I should continue this or split time between straddle-L and manna. Yes, I am using myself as a test dummy in my programming for my guys. Do you think I should concentrate on straddle-L with them till it's satisfactory or split time with it (straddle-L/manna). I could either do 30s of each or alternate days of it. We are almost out of season and preparing to go into off-season.

Grissim, Ido Portal has some interesting progressions on bridging on the wall over on his site. I found the first half of those bridging progressions to be in what we work beginners or advanced beginners in our rec or developmental gymnastics class.
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