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Originally Posted by Jay Guindon View Post
I've been reading some posts over at Whole Health Source and I'm getting a little confused. He seems to be into the paleo diet always saying to cut grains, sugar, vegetable oils, but I am very confused about his stance on carbs.
On one hand he has a bunch of posts showing studies that would promote a low carb diet, one in particular shows low carbers have less inflammation, better fasting blood sugar levels and blood lipids.
Extrinsic sugars are what cause most of the problems associated with high carb diets but in general sources of unrefined complex (starchy) carbohydrates and intrinsic sugars (fruits and berries etc) are good for you and a diet based on such foods presents no risk to health even when consumed in amounts up to 70-80% of total calories as long as requirements for essential nutrients are met.

But where I get confused is he has a post on GI Index and cites some studies that show high carb is better for weight loss and health Specifically the #7 study shows high carb hi GI did best and low carb high fat did terrible.
Then I find some posts where he suggests high carb diet are not bad. Most of them are on the Kitavans and how they eat 69% carb diets and are in good health.
What is the take away message? Eat paleo foods but you're macro ratios don't really matter?
The importance of the glycemic index and glycemic load has been greatly overstated by the diet industry as the GI/GL of your diet has no significant effect on body mass or composition independant of total energy intake, energy balance and exercise.
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