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Pretty colors

Not sure what sort of feedback you are looking for, but I'll throw a few things out that came to mind.

The links in the navigation bar at the top of the page need to be distributed more evenly over the logo/heading pic between the left and right margins of the wrapper. As it stands now they are more to the left than the right and it looks a bit unbalanced. That's if you want to keep the search field off to the right, but I think it sticks out too much a suggestion, what I would try doing is pulling the navigation/link text over to the left and bring the search field over as well, and then distribute the whole thing evenly between the left and right margins. Also, the navigation/link text might look nice in the same color green as the green in the logo/heading pic; the white text color sort of washes out a bit and doesn't "pop" as well as it could.

The text should be rewritten to optimize the page more for search engines. For example, you don't mention your location in the text (Only the county which is in the business name, but that is not specific enough), so someone doing a search for "massage Deland Fl" might not get your page in search results.

I know you said it's still being worked on, so don't know how specific you want feedback to be, but generally text needs to be proofread for punctuation and paragraphs need to broken up/spaced apart.

Finally, this is my favorite line :

"It’s the cherry on top to know this “healing tool” only gets better with frequency."
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