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Default Okinawa diet

So I recently read some stuff about the Okinawa diet and was left with some questions.
The emphasis of omega 3s, fruit, vegetables, mono fats, and adequate but not mega amounts of protein I can get on board with.
I am confused about the whole grain part though. Whole grains are calorically dense yet are stated in the diet book to be a low caloric density. They also are not even close to as nutrient dense as fruits and vegetables and yet get lumped into the same section and are called a nutrient dense food. They also contain phytates, gluten, and lectins which are all detrimental to health. How is it possible that we have a culture that lives so long in great health and functional capacity and yet consume such a number of whole grains which seem to me to be hazardous to health?
I also understand that the Okinawans consume quiet a lot of pork as their protein source (I got this from talking to a friend who's mother is from Okinawa) yet the diet book authors say they get protein from vegetables and hardly eat meat?
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