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There was an article in the "Outside" magazine where the dude did 6 diets in a year. The Paleo, Okinawan, zone, Mediteranian, Govt food pyramid, and some of the dieats. During his experiment he charted all the particulars BF, weight, cholesterol (HDL, LDL, Trigylcerides) the whole 9 yards.

He had the best results with Paleo, but it made him grumpy. The Okinawan diet really screwed up his cholesterol. They atributed it to the fact that he is not Okinawan and that the Okinawans have evolved to the way they are and do all the things stated in the other posts that it works for them.

The one thing that I found interesting is the diet he did based on his ancestry. I guess the guy has an Irish background and so there are things that he should not eat. Chicken was one of them. I am not sure how much of that is BS.

It was an interesting article. I think makes for interesting debate about how diets could also be a cultural thing and not just evolutionary.

Sorry it got off track a little.
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