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Aye, my answer mirrors the one above; I read a ton, so my list would be massive, and fluctuating; It depends on which authors release which books during the summer, as well as how much free time I have. As well, I normally spend a week alone in Northern Ontario hiking and camping, which gives me ample time to run through 3-5 books, depending.

In no particular order;

- 3-4 books of the Jack Aubrey series by Patrick O'Brian
- "Good Calories, Bad Calories", by Taubes
- "The Element" by Ken Robinson
- Wendler's 5-3-1
- "Under the Bar" by Dave Tate
- "British Generals" by Mark Urban
- "Alphabet of Manliness Redux" by Maddox
- Anything Bernard Cornwell releases between now and September
- "Paleolithic Solution" by Robb Wolf (although this will likely be an early September read)
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