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Originally Posted by Grissim Connery View Post
if you look at the pic, his knees are splayed way wide because his feet are crossed. now a basic rule you learn early on is never to cross your feet while you do an armbar because it relieves pressure from the arm, gives slack to the shoulder so that it can take a stretch, and removes weight from the other guy's body so that he can move around/escape.
he was crossing his ankles when he got hardy's back too and got the hooks in... while it's easy for me to say (as a very low level bjj practitioner), it's another big no-no.

as for the armbar... I can't armbar my son, lachie without pin-point perfect technique. he's hyper-flexible in the shoulder, mildly hyper-extensible in the elbow and can just plain take a lot of pain. I'm pretty sure you'd have to hurt him to muscle an armbar to submission...
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