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matthew brewster
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Hi Folks
This is my first post but ive been a long time lurker,
I just have a question with regards to using this template to get my fitness back to where it was 18 months ago prior to an SI joint injury and generally feeling very beaten up from a combination of self programming too many chipper metcons and using poor technique to get good times on main page workouts.

so its time to begin again.

I would like to use the template to improve my fitness for job related performance as a Firefighter.

Im just wondering if a ten min metcon will be sufficient for my needs as most of my work seems to be in the 15 - 30 min range of hard slog, and i still have an annual fitness test to pass so i need good cardio as a priority although strength is still very important just secondary to my needs ( is this one of the stages of a recovering metcon junkie ???),
Would i be better increasing the motcon time to around 15 - 20 mins or just
working with the 10 min window and adding a day of sprints and maybe 1 long metcon in the 20 min range ?

stats to give you an idea of were im at currently

male 30 years old 98kg (yep if got fat as well as lazy)
military press - 72.5 kg
Dead lift -155 kg
C & j 75 kg
b squat 120 kg
f squat 100 kg
snatch 50 kg

500m row 1.33
2000 m row 7.25

many thanks
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