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Originally Posted by Ryan Dell Whitley View Post
I searched a bit...didn't see exactly the question I was wondering about.

My eating window is from 12:00OPM to 8:00PM. However, I workout around 5:00 AM. Do I need to eat something after working out, and if so what should I eat?

I can imagine lifting before noon...mornings are for sleeping.

I eat postworkout if my workout is centered around strength/lifting/muscle building...etc which is 85-95% of my workouts. Or I will eat immediatly pre-workout when I workout at night and start a fast after that meal. Those fasts are usually shorter though, 14-15 hours. I think I remember Lonnie Lowery citing a study which suggested a preworkout meal/protein is just as or more anabolic than a postworkout meal or something similar on an episode of Iron Radio. ( I optimally wouldnt do this but i can only snatch and CJ at night in my gym or i get kicked out. If i am not doing these then i will try to lift during the window, schedule premitting.)

If it is a more fat loss based workout, then I will go by how my body feels. If im not hungry then I dont sweat it. If im hungry then I eat.

In summary:
-Depends on the workout
-My suggestion would be to only fast on non workout days unless you start training at night.

Hope my opinion helps, Mike will probably chime in with better advice.
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