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David Glass
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Wow... I haven't logged on in a week!

Things have been hectic. I got my laptop stolen this week. Some kids in my block broke into my car, popped the trunk and ran off with it. Everyone knows who they are and we're in the process of building a case... I am now set up with my new laptop (also company issued)

Let me try to remember what I did this week...


Back Squat 185#, 5 x 5, working mostly on squat depth, then...

3 rounds for time of:

- 7 x 155# Hanging Power Clean
- 12 x Ring dips

- Sunday, mow lawn for 4 hours (non self-propelled)... considerring active rest day
- Monday: rest

Tueday, sprints
- 100 m (15s)
- 200 m (33s)
- 400 m (1:49)
- 800 m (4:57)
- 400 m (1:39)
- 200 m (37s)
- 100 m (17s)

Rest as needed between attempts.

Last night
Clean practice with medball to train my friend, then we moved on to empty bar

Then I did heavy press at 140#
5, 4, 3, 1 (weaker than expected here)

Then 5 x 5 40# weighted ring rows.

My buddy did standard ring rows while I did press, and Goblet Squats with 25# plate

I guess my memory is gettng better these days
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