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Default NAHA events sound like fun to me!

So, the North American Highlander Association (NAHA) is:
...a unique combination of the Scottish Highland Games and Strongman events, resulting in the ultimate test of overall strength and athletic ability.

Contests will consist of either 4, 6 or 8 events with half of the events being Highland Games and half being Strongman.

The merging of these two great competitions will most definitely test one's overall strength and athleticism.
Three weeks to the day after my PL meet, Phil Stevens has to go and arrange this event:
DIVISIONS: LW(200lb. and below), MW(201lb.-250lb.), HW(251lb. and above), Master, Women

1. Braemar – LW, MW, HW, Master 20# - 26#, Women 13# -18#
2. Weight Over Bar – LW, MW, HW, Master 20# - 26#, Women 13# -18#
3. Deadlift Reps – LW = 315#, MW = 455#, HW = 495#, Master = 315, Women = 185#
4. Log Press Max – 3 attempts
5. Caber – 3 attempts
6. Farmers for Distance – LW & Master 185#, MW 225 & HW 250#, Women 125#
I wish more HGs had the weight divisions...this sounds like a blast.

EDIT: Shit. My wife just reminded me I work that day. Oh well.
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