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William McAlpine
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1x3 95 lbs
1x3 115 lbs
1x2 135 lbs
1x1 145 lbs
5x1 161.25 lbs (3/5)

94.9% max

Clean and Jerk

1x2 115 lbs
1x2 155 lbs
1x1 175 lbs
5x1 190 lbs (5/5)

92.7% max

Back Squat

1x5 45 lbs
1x3 135 lbs
1x2 205 lbs
1x1 245 lbs
1x5 285 lbs


1x5 45 lbs
1x1 95 lbs
1x1 115 lbs
1x4 131.25 lbs (wasn't going to get 5)

Training Video


Snatches: Probably the worst day in a while. Missed two. One was too far behind, the other one out in front.
Clean and Jerks: Felt explosive on the clean with these. Jerks were okay.
Squats: Woohoo! Big pr. The last one wasn't so good technique wise, and I should have gone about a half and inch deeper.
Press: No way I was getting five. I'll just stick with sets of four for the next few weeks.
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