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Default VA/DC/MD: Gymnastics Show at UMCP

Hey guys!

There's going to be a really awesome gymnastics show at the University of Maryland, College Park, next weekend. The show will be run by Gymkana, which is a drug/alcohol free gymnastics and acrobatics club that I'm a part of and that Steven Low now coaches for (after being a member for 4 years). It's Friday April 9th and Saturday April 10th at 7pm, in the Comcast Center at UMCP. Tickets are only $9 for adults or $8 for kids, and I can guarantee you'll get a much better show than you would get at any movie.

We'll have over twenty different acts of both traditional and circus-type gymnastics, including our vaulting act where we flip through a ring of fire. You'll even get to see Steve make a fool of himself as he jumps in vain, flailing his arms around through the air, trying to untangle the rings after Shum does his routine so that the next guy can go!

Anyway, it'd be awesome if you can go, both since you'll get to see an awesome show and since I'll know there are awesome people in the crowds!

Take care,

And yes, I'm actually holding that handstand. Get on my level.
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