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Default Matt Brewsters log

Coming back into training after a break due to various reasons.
Have become pretty deconditioned and weak so starting again as a beginner in my own mind.

Ill be mostly giving Gants Hybrid a go to get me back into the groove with a few changes here and there to fit in line with my fitness and work goals.

Goals for this year are
lose 8 - 9 kg of fat.
Improve VO2 max bleep test score to level 13, currently at 9
stop being as weak as a small kitten.
Get my technique sorted on all slow and oly lifts.

Monday 5th April

Hang power Clean 5 x 3 40 40 40
working on technique and watching as many videos as i can to get my technique squared away -

Front squat 5 x 3 70 70 70

10 mins of 3 pull ups, 6 press ups 9 squats.
- 12 rounds 3 chins
scaled down to keep moving for the whole 10 mins and felt good, breathing hard but didnt kill my self, its only day one.
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