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David Glass
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Saturday did the following WOD

1) Row 5:00
2) Build back squat to BW (205#)
3) 5x5 BW Back Squat (205#)
4) Heavy Grace, 30 clean+jerk (155#)
5) Run 2.5 miles a little over 23:00
6) Max situps in 2:00 (53)

Sunday I did a few informal laps in the pool, about 1/4 mile

During my run, my HR was at about 175 BPM, consistent. With about 3 blocks to go, I began hauled butt... began to really feel the urge to stop, and finally did with about 3 houses to go before reaching mine.

I looked down at my watch and I had a heartrate of 198 BPM, which was real odd since it has never been over 187, and even that only a handful of times in the 2 years since I've been training

Furthermore, I realized that when I began to acelerate, I reached 190+ almost immediately and sustained it for over a minute (normally at 185+ I'd just quit)

I hope it's more of a sign of what I've accomplished mentally. I know my Max VO2 is between 175 and 184
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