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Default Ulnar and Radial Flexion

I've developed some wrist pain along the ulnar side of my wrist area from moving my hands so they face back more with my Planche training.

I have looked up the muscles in the forearm, and I can't tell, but it seems as if all the forearm/wrist muscles are pretty much worked in wrist flexion and extension and finger flexion and extension. Does ulnar and radial flexion work any muscles that aren't involved in wrist flexion and extension and finger flexion and extension? I know the brachioradialis is involved in elbow flexion, so I'm not really worried about that.

On a related note, do you think facing the hands back on the ground while training for the Planche helps with transferring over to the rings? I figured that was the hand position you'd have for the rings, RTO, so I might as well use that hand positioning on the ground.
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