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Default Medicine Balls - dual purpose?

Hey everyone I'm looking to buy a medicine ball or 2. I'd really like one 2 fit 2 purposes but if I have to end up buying more than one, oh well.

Purpose 1: My son Hunter is supposed to utlize MB's in his PT right now we use just regulat b-balls/soccer balls but they are pretty light and don't challenge him much. Mostly it's throwing them to him and back standing on one leg, on a bosu ball....etc.

Purpose 2: Conditioning...throwing across a field, slamming, all that fun stuff

I was looking at the CAthletics store:

It looks like the Rage balls are like the Dynamax balls and the slammers are like slam balls. I'm opting towards the slammers? As you can get more weight for less $, I'm just wondering if throwing a 15# MB for PT would be a bad idea the Dynamax type balls we've used before and were great for PT purposes but I know they are not suited for slamming.

Thanks for any thoughts.
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