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Blake Nelson
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Default 4-7-10

snatch 1x45, 2x75, 2x98, hit 4/8 at 116
clean and jerk 1x45, 2x75, 2x98, 1x133, 1x163 hit 3/5 cleans and no jerks at 179.25
front squat 3x5 at 180
oh press 5x45, 2x95, 2x115, 1x125, 1x130, 2x135
narrow pullups

youtube video of front squats and o lifts

I felt really bad coming into the gym today, legs were just not there today not sure what was up. It could have been the heat in the gym, 5 hours of sleep monday night although I did get 11 tuesday night, or having just broke an 19 hour fast 2 hours before. Im betting on the last one.

first clean i was not agressive with elbows, second i caught forward

missed snatchs felt like a form problem while the cleans just didnt have the strength in the legs and the jerks were lacking leg explosion.
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