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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
Yowza, 1500-2000 calories. Is that still the 1/2 gallon of whole milk PWO I think I saw you post about a while back?
No...I have toned down milk as I found it not to work out well in volume with leanness (and stubborn fat). Nowadays I just alter what I eat....could be a foot long tuna sub at subway....or the buffet.....or sushi......all in all 1500+ calories is pretty easy to take in over 3 hours especially if it is 2 least for me it seems (of course no way in hell I could do it "Paleo").

I use off workout days to really dial in more protein and IF to keep the bodyfat down.

Keep in mind too....I am a lean 190lbs even with the excess cal intake pwo and IF....not trying to bulk to 215+ like I was back in my college days. Seems the more I feast pwo...and the more I dial in IF on other days...the leaner I get, yet my weight increases little by little. Funny how that is.

Semi-hijack. In no particular order of preference, I think the top bloggers/writers on the webz right now with regards to nutrition are: Robb Wolf (no surprise there), Brad Pilon, Martin Berkhan, Lyle McDonald, and Brian St. Pierre[/URL].
Robb is good of course, Brad is on my same wavelength about passing on the BS and living life outside of food, Martin does know his stuff, Lyle is book smart but needs a personality check, and I don't know much about Brian.

Other than that I vote for me and Scott....but that is because I am 100% biased. Nutrition isn't that hard once you just figure it out for your own body.
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