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after week one of returning to training im going to make a slight modification to my original plan,
doing 2 lifts on a work dayleft me feeling poo and beaten up and limited my conditioning work which is the priority for me but also i felt it on the fire ground, so as a slight modification im going to drop to one lift per day followed by a short intense and heavy for me metcon and on days away from work maybe try 2 lifts, ill review in about 3 months

Sat 10 april

Clean doubles -
50 (warm up) 60 62.5 62.5 65 65 67.5 67.5

All felt good still need to load my hammies more.

3 rounds
10 thruster - 2 x 17.5 d bell
20 swings - 20 kg hard style
30 lunge walk 2 x 17.5 dbell
40 sit ups
rest 3 mins

4.07 (7.07)12.24(15.24) 21.40
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