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Originally Posted by Blake Nelson View Post
youre squats are killing it. What cure did you use for the snatchs
I commented on one of the videos.



1x3 95 lbs
1x3 115 lbs
1x2 135 lbs
1x1 145 lbs
1x1 155 lbs
5x1 166.25 lbs (3/5)

Clean and Jerk

1x2 115 lbs
1x1 155 lbs
1x1 175 lbs
1x1 190 lbs
3x1 205 lbs (3/3)

Back Squat

1x5 45 lbs
1x3 135 lbs
1x2 190 lbs
1x1 230 lbs
5x5 270 lbs


1x5 45 lbs
1x1 95 lbs
5x5 110 lbs


Snatches: got lazy on the ones i missed
C&J: excellent today, some of the bumpers broke so i just went up to 205. form has improved a ton!
Squats: hard today
Press: really hard today
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