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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
first, BW squats maybe. lunges no.

Here's what i would do. though my knees are well rehabbed, they do get tweaky about every 2-3 months. at the first sign of inflammation here's my drill.
  • Ibuprofen carpet bomb. Greg E suggested this for my shoulder once and it worked a charm. standard dosage, 1600mg min. go after it for 2-3 days MAX. this is a hit it and get out sort of thing.
  • hip mobility and passive attention ankle and hips. if a joint hurts, i always look to the muscles surrounding the joint above and below it.
  • zero "squatting" ...I'll do wide stance box squats movements with minimal weight off a medium to high box for higher reps, in place of a squat day. gradually working the box down until it can be done pain free. i ditch the oly shoes for these.
  • Terminal Knee Extensions (TKE's) throughout the day..very very oftern is key. think 500 reps per day each leg MINIMUM with a small band.
  • single leg DL, use KB and work up to a bar. but two dumbells or kb's usually work fine.
  • High rep RDL's at first. if they don't hurt, I'll feel free to go heavy but monitor the pain after.
  • When the inflammation is totally gone, I'll start back to squatting light but still to a box, gradually working back to normal stance.
  • Once I feel good here, then I'll front squat light..Once I'm able to front squat to medium weights consistenly w/o irritation, I'm good.
total time from f'ed up knee to being ready to train again is usually about 2-3 weeks. this tends to disrupt progress but i'll take a crummy squat over not being able to walk right.

Depending on your knee health, less or more time.YMMV.

Is this still your standing recommendation? I've never had much knee pain and if anything right now I'm super confused as to why I even have it as this past 1.5 months I've felt pretty crummy from an encounter with the norovirus and then bronchitis I haven't been overly active.

My right knee has been feeling tight lately, even after just regular walks. Just sitting here in the airport typing this out my knee just feels tight. Certain positions put it at more discomfort than others. I'm thinking a visit to a sports doc is going to be needed as this has pretty much been an ongoing thing for a few months. Once I get home I'm going to try out:

-the ibuprofen bombing method
-more stretching along with more foam rolling
-More TKE's
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