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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post

Is this still your standing recommendation? I've never had much knee pain and if anything right now I'm super confused as to why I even have it as this past 1.5 months I've felt pretty crummy from an encounter with the norovirus and then bronchitis I haven't been overly active.

My right knee has been feeling tight lately, even after just regular walks. Just sitting here in the airport typing this out my knee just feels tight. Certain positions put it at more discomfort than others. I'm thinking a visit to a sports doc is going to be needed as this has pretty much been an ongoing thing for a few months. Once I get home I'm going to try out:

-the ibuprofen bombing method
-more stretching along with more foam rolling
-More TKE's
yeah that's still my basic drill...BUT, tight is different than hurts. sounds strange to me. could easily be some swelling under the kneecap- kind of a light inflammation. I defer to your sports med...i can tell you what works for me once it's bone grinding on bone... just a shot in the dark here...i'm guessign Uncle Sam still has you rucking and running lots?

also, quad sets...they never worked for me but i've talked with several guys who get big mileage out of quad sets...just lock the knee and flex the quad many many many times. it's good for airlplane trips etc. gets boring... you might as well do kegels for your prostate at the same time. JK.
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