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I had a quick look and didnt find his credentials.

He has some interesting points though below, if accurate.
A Q i have is - what 'form' are minerals in food? ie they are not mg oxide or citrate etc, so what are they?
As for Albions method, even if it is better absorbed, how do they know the effect of that the mg+lysine+glycine molecule aborbed intact in the bloodsteam has?

The Albion-based mineral supplements are not based on simple
"salt" formulations such as Magnesium Citrate, -Malate,
-Taurate, -Oxide, etc. All of those simple salts are
"disassociated" (dissolved) by our stomach acid into their
constituent parts. Then... in order for the ionic form of the
mineral -- such as Magnesium -- to get into our blood stream, it
must bond to a protein carrier. Those are in limited supply,
and all of the various minerals in intestine are vying for and
competing for "transport proteins".

The patented Albion solution is different: Guided by some
research (PDF link below) they bind their Magnesium with a pair
of amino acids -- in this case Glycine and Lysine. This forms a
"dipeptide" which strongly resists disassociation (dissolving)
in our stomach. So the whole molecule tends to make it into our
intestines where it is "taken up" into our blood stream WITHOUT
the need for any carrier proteins. The result is TRULY much
greater absorption.

I took 2 tsp of natural calm this week...and yes went straight through ;-( 1 at a time for now..
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