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Default Some basic questions about IF


I've been IFing for three weeks now and have seen decent results so far. order not to step into too many traps, I would like to ask a few questions.

But first; a little about myself.
Height 170cm
Weight 100kg (match weight about 90kg, but could have gone down while inactive)
My body is always changing. If I'm not gaining muscle, I'm gaining fat. The only deviation from this rule is if I'm dieting. I've had very little success with normal diets, but lost quite a bit on CKD when Lyle was still doing his research.
Also, I guess my metabolism is pretty shot, and from what I read this is probably because of Iodine. I've never been crazy low on calories, which is one of the reasons I was happy on the CKD - 3500kcal on diet days

My biggest question right now is how I should treat my body's lack of lust for food. I'm never hungry, and can usually forget about eating for hours until I notice I'm light headed and dizzy. And this is when not on IF! So, on IF this is even "worse", but I can usually feel my belly being empty around 5 pm, which is when my eating window opens and I try to eat as much as possible until it closes at 10-11pm. The problem then is that I cannot eat the amounts I'm aiming for. Last night, for example, I made one of my favorite foods (lasagna) out of 2 pounds of ground meat (17% fat), rich in cheese and moderate in pasta. I managed to force down 1/3 of it which doesn't put me much over 1000kcals, and certainly not above 1500 (think how much I can stuff into my mouth if I don't love the food). Because of this I allow myself to indulge in fluid calories and can get between 500 and 800kcals from these. So, the thing is that even though I know liquid carbs are one of the worst things I can fill my body with, but I feel like a sinner if I get under 1500kcals/day.

I do this mon through fri, and then I eat like the rest of the family during the weekend, except I try to stay away from ice cream and cake. I guess my off days are up to 3000kcals, which I do on purpose to cycle calories and not be catabolic *all* the time.

I don't get to do any training at the moment as I'm up for knee surgery (kind of eliminates any kind of cardio except walking my dog for 20 minutesx3), my shoulder's pretty bad, and one of the bones in my right forearm keeps popping out due to lots of minor injuries from 20+ years of martial arts. This means no pushing and no pulling exercises, neither for upper nor lower body.

I supplement with EFA, Selenium (400-600mcg/day) and about 1mg of Iodine/day (trying to find an SSKI now).

Anyone got any comments on this? Should I be worried about the calories? I have no problems with fatigue or lightheadedness. I'm losing a bit of muscle, which is to expect when not working out, but my bf% is going down.

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