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Default Joint Health & Gymnastics-Based Strength Training Seminar in NJ

Joint Health and Gymnastics-Based Strength Training Seminar
with Scott Hagnas and Garrett Smith

Topics to be covered in this seminar (8 full hours of training) include:
* Joint mobility drills covering head to toes
* Dynamic range-of-motion exercises
* Gymnastic-based strength training progressions suitable for all levels
* Self myofascial release
* Prehab & rehab drills that give the most "bang for the buck"
* A "how to" on programming the above into your workouts
Saturday, June 19, 2010
8:00am - 5:30pm
CrossFit Ignite
701 Broadway
Westwood, NJ
To register, contact Steve Macioci of CrossFit Ignite at smacioci AT gmail DOT com !

FYI, the barbell-based seminar for the east coast will be in July in PA, we're finalizing the announcements currently.
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