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Originally Posted by Corey Cedeno View Post
Your training is improving since the APK days. Nice job.

What's "The Crusher" WOD?
Thanks, Corey

Sorry if I don't recognize you. Did you use a different name on APK, or did you just check out my journal?

There are actually 2 Crusher WODs. I named them so because at one point I had attempted them several times over the course of maybe 5 months or so and was never able to finish them. They are as follows

Crusher 1
5 rounds for time of:
- 10 x 115# thrusters
- 7 x pull-ups
- Run 400m

Crusher 2
5 rounds for time of:
- 10 x 135# squat clean
- 15 x dips
- Run 400m

I was never able to do them until I subjected myself to 2 weeks of SealFit. Then one day I tried one and didn't even realize how great I was doing until half way through the third round when I wasn't even considerring quitting. My goal now is to increase the thrusters to 135# and the cleans to 155# on each one, increase the dips to ring dips, which I've already done, and do 10 pull-ups (deadhang)

Last night I did the following

Row for 10:00

DROM and stretch into full squat, then

5 x 5 @ 135# Press

Chin-ups: 10, 8, 6, 6, 6
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