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The trap-bar deadlift is probably the best lower-body exercise. I think it's clearly the best bilateral exercise, since you're engaging your erectors and your traps much more than in a squat.
how do you guy's feel about this?

Why from a hang instead of the floor? Size differences. Olympic lifting favors shorter people. Suddenly when you're teaching the snatch to a football lineman, they have a hard time addressing the bar on the floor. It's also more practical to do it from the hang since it spares the back.
i have a somewhat stout build, and i find everything hang to be more draining. how do you guys feel about this?

The close-grip hang snatch is the best power movement you can do. But you have to do them with a clean grip to spare your shoulders. The only reason guys do it with a wide grip is to use more weight, since it decreases the distance the bar has to travel.
thoughts on this?
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