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matthew brewster
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Friday 16th april
rest day

Sat 17th april
Snatch 5 sets x 4 reps at 75 %
37.5 37.5 37.5 37.5 37.5

5 rounds
5 deadlift at 80 kg
10 dips


not bad little couplet

Sunday 18th

Front squat 5 sets 3 reps at 80 %
75 75 75 75 75

working on form all felt good and nice bar speed bar the last set,

4 rounds
run 400m
6 dead hang pull ups
25 swings @ 24 kg


maintain good form rather than go for speed and ended up with a nice workout.
i was digging through the old archives from crossfit looking for some inspiration for metcons i found this from 2003, and altered it a bit by halving the pull ups and adding a round. some good stuff in the old workouts section, lots of quick couplets and triplets. ill use a few more i think.
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