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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post

What kind of body comp changes have you experienced with the above? Such as increased muscle and decreased fat? Also what modifications have you made if any?
Ok here's the story:

Mid 2004 - Mid 2005 Attempted the Warrior Diet

I had success with this protocol for some time and had leaned out quite a bit. I had started out at 170lbs at 5'5" and most of it being fat. I had been messing with kettlebells and PTP type crap for some time along with some stuff back from my early rec. gymnastics days and martial arts days. I had started mixing CrossFit into this mix around this time but noticed that I couldn't maintain my activity levels. So I was wishy washy back and forth.

In hind sight it my food choices were really bad! 99% of the time though the protocol was fine. I still got decent results when I stopped I was around >150lbs.

Mid 2005 - Started hitting CrossFit pretty hard, WOD in the AM and training skills throughout the day.

My diet at this point was very poor and my weight stabilized at around 160lbs.

September 2005 - Started the Zone! By December I was 135lbs...

The Zone + CrossFit did the job a little too well. In my eagerness I went into a caloric deficit that was far too low and it was obvious though I was ripped. My energy levels at this point were pretty low. (wasn't adding fat)

December 2005 - I started adding IF in on rest days

My energy levels went back up when I added IF to my rest days and I really hit it hard again. I swear by the time I got to SC in January I was <5% BF, at 135lbs.

Feb 2006 - I met Robb & Greg in SC and listened intently to there chats and opinions.

Started what we are now describing full time, by the end of April I was 155lbs ~6-8% BF, very lean, and stronger. I was in the best shape of my life just then.

I was doing a light WOD in the morning for PT giving about 2/3 effort. Fast of water and coffee. Then I would train again after work and go balls out. I would commence eating about 30 minutes after working out. Sooner then that and I wouldn't keep it down most of the time.

I'm in the midst of trying to rekindle this effort I only started a few days ago but my energy levels are already starting to rise even though I sleep very little. I'm not working out with the same volume I was then. My current living conditions are crap and do not promote performance. Though the ZMA seems to be improing the quality of the sleep that I am getting!!!

I don't know if they sells these at costco in the US but I'm going to start eating a 1.8kg can of tuna every other day after I workout in the eveneing... I should get sufficient lean protein in that case. The cans are only $8.00. $8.00/day ain't bad for that much protein.
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