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Originally Posted by Jay Guindon View Post
If I'm doing tabatta intervals for my sprints, how many times a week can I do this before I start to see too much cortisol release/accumulation? I only want to sprint enough for health/longevity and a little bit for performance, but not where I'm getting cortisol to the point of it being problematic because of so much sprinting. Thanks.
I use to do 3-4 times a week, then on the 3rd week maintain the same days but cut the total distance down to 40%-45% of the furthest total distance I ran the previous week. Worked really good, the first week I was running around 600meters total distance per 3:50 tabata, by the end of the phase I was almost at 1200meters per 3:50 (in this case the rest week would be 100mx5, or 500m 3-4times a week). It gets to the point where you build so much speed on the runs the rests turn into jogs, and is more intense than crossfit fran.
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