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Default How about a PM article on proper footware, rooting, etc. for lifting

After about 2 weeks of lifting, I am quite pleased with my suede blue Do-Wins. Squatting feels completely different and right with them. I do not know if it is a rebound effect, better stability,or whatever you call it, but I swear that my cleans feel stronger and more crisp with the shoes. And I know, at first, I was against suede but they do look super-cool. These are good quality and, most importantly, affordable shoes. I plan on starting Rippetoe's Intermediate or Advanced program in about 2 weeks and I recommend these to anyone wishing to do likewise or start a OL program.

I strongly believe in the importance of the proper, specfic footware for daily activities, orthopedic problems and athletics. Most people just go for the softest most affordable shoe and I often see people wearing the wrong shoes for the wrong activities. I have even seen foot problems in the 12 and 13 year olds I coach.
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