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Originally Posted by Nero Germano View Post
Then how does one explain the "6 week body makeover" of Michael Thurmon which includes very little exercise or the results of Atkins or Atkins-type, locarb weight loss programs?

I myself lost over forty pounds over a six month period, a full year ago. I quit my usual light dumbbell/resistance bands exercise in favor of yoga, especially the deep breathing exercises, during the losing period.

I'm back to regular, light exercise (I'm sixty six, five ten and one seventy five) and haven't gained or lost more than one or two pounds since losing the original forty pounds. I certainly don't have a six-pack, and although not entirely flat, I certainly don't carry any visible paunch.

I think sometimes diet is enough. Just my take on the subject.
Most of the initial rapid weight loss on Atkins or Atkins type diets is just glycogen and water. Subsequent weight loss will largely depend on whether you keep up with your normal daily activities, which most of us have no choice over, or whether you decide to just sit on your ass all day because you don't have the energy to do anything. My guess is the monkeys did the latter.
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