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David Glass
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It seems like I'm back to logging every day (one man wave)

Last night I did the following:

Warmup: DROM and hip, shin, and calve stretching, then

5 rounds for time of:
- 10 x 115# SDHP
- 12 x Ring Dips
- 30 x Double-Unders

My time... 23:04

My record in this WOD was 22:11, however I had done it with 10 standard dips rather than 12 ring dips.

I was pretty relaxed last night as I was battling a headache I sometimes get when doing double-unders. When I do get this headache (about once every other month), I have to completely stop and call it a day, so this time, I felt it coming on and paced myself... I did the WOD pretty much effortlessly from a metcon perspective, and I was surprised that all my dips, and a large portion of the SDHPs were done unbroken
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