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I'm gonna go out on a limb here and risk looking like a complete ass. So it be. You guys already know I speak from experience based on what has worked for me and my clients. I will leave the scientific stuff to Robb and others. I won't even try to attempt to articulate the science and theory behind IF. All I know is that it works. Grant it, the evolutionary orgins behind it should be enough to convince even the most stubborn naysayer, experimentation thru trial-n-error should be the nail in the coffin. As I mentioned in a previous post, I personally prefer the 12-6 eating curfew and have noticed dramatic changes over the last several months. Performance, body comp, energy levels, strength levels, etc the list goes on....
Anyway, the only point I'll try to make here is this:
Set aside the peer-reviewed studies, the scientific data, the theory's and everything else text and online...stop looking for that final authority, stamp of approval or breakthrough article in Science Daily or BBC Science and just give it a shot and try it out for yourself.

IF works! Its as simple as that In other words, quit searching for the perfect recipe and just start throwing together some ingredients. Actually Rob made it very simple for us and gave us all the ingredients we need. Now its a matter of tinkering with ratios and finding what works for YOU.

And counting calories is flat out retarded. Fat people do that!
If you need a scale to tell you that you have too much food on your plate than you probably do. Instead be practical and eyeball a fist size of food. Better yet, after activity go ahead and eat a generous portion. Without activity watch your intake and eat less.

100,000 generations of humans have been hunters and gatherers; 500 generations have been agriculturalists; ten have lived in the industrial age; and only one has been exposed to the world of computers.

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