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Great feedback...I'm more of a night person...always have been so it actually fits right into my plan is to get where I measure nothing...don't have to cook all the time and still maintain muscle and burn fat....

Originally Posted by Steve Liberati View Post
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and risk looking like a complete ass. So it be.

Set aside the peer-reviewed studies, the scientific data, the theory's and everything else text and online...stop looking for that final authority, stamp of approval or breakthrough article in Science Daily or BBC Science and just give it a shot and try it out for yourself.
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As for the other stuff....can't help personality to know how something works 100%...because then I can relate it better to I sound smarter....and I need all the help I can get!

Originally Posted by Derek Simonds View Post
MOD are you going to keep a log here or on another site?
Going with the whole "I dont want to count portions or calories routine..."..probably not...but I can tell you what I have done lately and so far so good.

9am - Coffee and a little half and half
11am - Eat P+F+V
2pm - Eat P+F+V
Pre WO - Aminos + 1 scoop Whey
5pm - Workout
PWO - Aminos + Whey + Creatine + dextrose (will dump this later I feel)
7pm - Party much as I can stomach....

P=protein, C=Carbs, V=veg, F=fat
Protein is around 200-250g/day, Carbs will be around 150g (with 75%+ being PWO) and Fat...well it makes up the rest...

I also add a scoop of Whey and water 1st thing in the AM right now....not sure if that really has any affect....but I figure keep it for now....drop it later....see if it really makes a difference....I am guessing probably not.

Non-workout days or running/biking days....will just drop the PWO drink all together and keep a meal about an hour after with P+C. Also I eat fruit here and there with the meals...not much, some strawberries...blueberries, etc....probably keep them to PWO time. Weekends....well rest assured Sat night it will involve some Paleo Buffalo Wings and Guiness!

Remember I am 13% BF right I am also trying to gain lean while losing....if you are looking more for just fat loss....dont do the PWO the end...I may drop that all together too just to see the difference in recovery and performance.

Actually this thread was more about why working out at night and nightime eating is more beneficial than the other way around.....and making sure I had all my scientific ducks in a row....just to piss off Steve.
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