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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
Darryl et al, any data on how resting calorie usage changes depending on the number of surplus calories available? I've observed that during hypocaloric periods, my resting body temp, sleep cycle, and other thigns drastically differ. I would also venture a guess that I have more "nervous energy" usage when relatively well-fed (tapping my foot, drumming my fingers, etc.).
Normally I'd be able to give you some numbers on this but nearly all my books are in storage at the moment.

Anyway, as a general rule your body is relatively insensitive to small changes in daily energy intake so you won't notice any difference with variations of +/- 5% of total calories. If there is a large decrease in energy intake then your body will attempt to reduce energy output to match intake as demonstrated by this study. How your body reacts to a hypercaloric diet will depend to a great degree on it's macronutrient content; a high-carb hypercaloric diet will result in a increase in spontaneous physical activity but a high-fat hypercaloric diet won't.
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