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Kevin Perry
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So I've been very busy this week. No time to get nt the gym till tomorrow but I thoght I would post an update.

Weight is getting tough to put on and I've put on some very noticeable fat around the midsection and I'm starting to break out like crazy. I'm very very close to 175 but I might end the mass gain cycle after this 531 cycle where I estimate I'll hit my orignal 6 month goal of 175. Not too shaby but I'm feelng slow and bloated now and need to clean things up.

I'm thinking in the winter time I can work on getting to 185 but in the meantime I'll just keep with 531 and getting stronger while trying to maintain what I've put on. Shit ive been on this for almost 4 and a half months now. That's my longest mass cycle so far with 3500 - 4500 calories per day. Rough as hell.
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